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Related post: Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 19:54:04 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Reflections In A Mirror (Part4)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports and scat between consenting gay men. If you find this subject matter offensive or if you are under the age of eighteen, STOP HERE!Reflections In A Mirror (Part 4) By Rim4youChapter OneKevin lives free teen stocking porn just three block south of me in a nice apartment overlooking the Laurenceville River. Six blocks in the opposite direction lives my sister, Bernie, with her husband, Robert, who is a total knock out! Many were the moments Joey and I drooled over Robert!"Don't even go there!" Bernie would say to Joey and I."Ah, Bernadette!" Joey would tease, "Kyle and I will ... uh ... well, enhance him for ya!""Joey!" Bernie would gasp. "And quit calling me 'Bernadette.' You know how much I hate that, Joseph!""Truce guys, truce!" I'd pipe in. "Joey! Quit miss teen pussy teasing Bernadette!""Kyle!""Can't do nothin' with my name, sis!"Kevin would roll his eyes at us and just sigh.I don't know why I was thinking about all of this as I pulled up in front of Kevin's apartment. I just kept wondering about my older brother, Kevin.Joey always told me that Kevin was a "closet" case, not ready to accept himself and that he had happened upon our brother at 'The cash strapped teen porn Golden Rod' on occassion, alone."You wouldn't do him? Would you, Joey?" I asked once. "He's our brother!""And you and I, Kyle?" Joey responded. "What are we? Chip and Dale?""But ...""But what, Kyle?""I dunno, Joey. He's Kevin!""And he's drop dead gorgeous, Kyle!"I had to admit Joey porn teen over 18 was right when my brother, Kevin, swung open the front door to his apartment when I knocked."Hey, little brother!" drawn teen porn Kevin yelled, giving me a big hug. "Long time no see!""Hi, Kevin!" I said, almost gasping.Kevin greeted me at the door with only a skimpy towel wrapped around him which barely coverd his massive bulk."I was gonna jump in the shower before you got here, Kyle, but seeing that you're here, the shower can wait. Come on in. I guess I'd better go put on some shorts or something, huh? Grab us a beer, Kyle.""Ya don't need to get all fancied teen deep throat up on my account, Kevin. teen pregnant porn I've seen you in your birthday suit before you know!""Yeah, you're right." Kevin remarked. "I mary anne teen porn usually don't wear nothin' around here.""Don't let me stop you!" I remarked, making a mad dash past my brother towards the kitchen, not wanting him to see the effect he was having upon me."You okay, Kyle?""Yeah! I am. I just need blonde teen porn star a drink."I rummaged through teen tiger porn Kevin's refrigerator and grabbed two beers and grabbed a bag of chips out of the pantry."You didn't get turned down at the bar last night or something, did you?" Kevin hollered."Not at all, Kevin. In fact ..."As I rounded the corner into the livingroom, there was Kevin. He was seated on the sofa, remote control in his hand, nonchalantly flipping through the channels on the television obviously looking for a football game to watch.He looked so innocent sitting there. One hand aiming teen upskirt porn free the remote at the television and the other running his fingers through his wavy, light brown hair. His muscular legs were spread and the towel, which he had wrapped around him, was loosened revealing his hefty piece of meat and the biggest pair of low hanging balls I'd ever seen."Huh? You were saying, Kyle?"Kevin looked up at me with his piercing violet colored eyes.As I returned my brother's gaze I couldn't help but think of how Bernie had always remarked, sullenly, how us boys had the prettiest eyes and how she got stuck with a dull shade of brown eyes. Stupid thoughts. The bag of chips slipped from my hand and fell to the floor."Jeez, Kyle! What's with you anyway?" Kevin said, jumping up from the sofa and walking towards me, the towel having slipped from his taut waist and dropping back onto the sofa.I gulped, free teen porn sluts nervously."Sorry, Kev!" I said, as my brother knelt before me to pick up the spilled contents of the bag, tossing a few chips in his mouth and putting the rest in the bag.I stood there, motionless, my hand firmly gripping the two bottles of beer. Kevin picked up the bag of chips and then glanced up at me. He grinned. I cringed. Then he chuckled."What's the matter, little brother? Something come up?"I wanted to die on the spot! Yes. I had been thinking of teen titans porn movies Kevin. Of Joey, Carlos and Mario and now, seeing my brother naked, kneeling in front of me ..."Wanna beer?" I asked, rather timidly, knowing full well that my cock was tenting the gym shorts I had on.Kevin whistled."Jesus! And you and Joey are identical twins? My God!""Don't, Kev! Don't tease!""I'm not teasing you, little brother! Although little is not the right word! Not by a long shot! Why are you boned up, Kyle?""Kevin!""Relax, Kyle. I'm not the fgree teen porn ogre you think I am." Kevin said, with a kind of gentleness in teen glasses porn his voice. "I'm your brother for God's sake!""I didn't mean it to sound that way, Kev."Kevin looked up at me. His eyes searched mine. Those beautiful, piercing violet eyes."I know, Kyle. I know. It's just that ... uh ... I know you and Joey are special ... have something Bernie and I don't. I mean teen porn thumbnail gallieries ... uh ... for once I'd like to illigal teen porn know you, Kyle! Really know you the way Joey knows you! To feel that special closeness you and Joey have!""Ah, Kevin!" I sighed, placing the beers down on the coffee table beside me before I dropped them.Kevin hung his head, away from me, staring down at the carpet beneath us. I didn't butt naked teen porn know what to expect next."Kyle?""Yes, Kevin?""I want you, Kyle! I wanna have sex with you!"My brother's voice was a barely audible whisper. My body trembled when Kevin gently touched the back of my calf and began caressing it ever so lightly, running his fingers up and down like a feather duster."Kev! nubian teen porn Kev!" I sighed, placing my hand on his head and running my fingers through his hair.Kevin raised his head and looked up free teen porn jpegs at me whith those teen porn school girl piercing, soul searching, violet eyes of his."Please, Kyle!" Kevin whispered. "Make love to me! cody porn star teen I want you so bad!"My heart free lesbiann teen porn was beating wildly in my chest. Here was my big, brawny, older brother whose body was a finely tuned, perfectly sculpted work of art, kneeling before me, wanting me. Here was the former Marine who reeked of masculinity desiring me!Kevin ran his hand higher up the back of my leg. I moaned when his rather large hand touched and cupped one of my butt cheeks. I reached behind myself and clasped Kevin's hand in mine. I felt the powerful grip of my brother's hand in mine."Come." I whispered.Kevin rose to his feet, towering above me in girtth and bulk. With my hand in his I led him into his bedroom where he sprawled onto the bed, on his back, clasping his hands behind his head revealing his hairy armpits.My brother's cock, although not as long as mine or Joey's, was by far much thicker with a bulbous, mushroom head that lay against his taut, washboard stomach.Kevin's eyes spoke of total innocense yet I knew that that wasn't the case. My brother seemed to exude, despite his raw masculinity, an almost angelic aura. I suppose it was his eyes. Those beautiful eyes of his that captivated me and held me spellbound as I slowly took my clothes white teen age porn off and revealed my nakedness to him in a way I had never done before."Oh Kyle!" Kevin sighed, parting his full lips and curling them back into a warm smile. "What a beautiful brother I have!""Kev! Kev!" I whispered, softly, as I approached the bed and sprawled myself on top of him.His body was so warm to the touch, His skin, soft and smooth. I lowered my head. My long, black hair spilling onto his shoulders. My lips brushed against his ever teen porn, free so softly."Kyle!" Kevin moaned.Before he could utter another word or another sound escape from him, I smotherd my lips onto his in a deep, passionate kiss. Our mouths opened instinctively as our tongues probed each other's wet, oral cavity."Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" We groaned, as our kiss deepened and we alternated sucking upon each other's tongues, spit passing back and forth from Kevin's mouth to mine. From mine to his.In like manner, our cocks kissed one another. Churning and grinding against one another, sending waves of pleasure like tiny electrical shocks surging throughout our bodies. Pre-cum oozed from our piss slits and ran down our throbbing shafts making our cock kiss just as wet, deep and passionate as the kiss we exchanged with our mouths."Fuck! Kev!" I sighed, as my lips trailed across his cheek and my tongue swirled over my brother's ear. I wanted to savor every part, every inch of my brother's body."Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Kevin groaned, as I dipped my face into his armpit, dripping with sweat. My nostrils swept his rank, manly musk into my head."Kyle!" Kevin groaned, with pleasure as I audibly sniffed his hairy armpit."Yes?" I moaned back, delerious with his scent."I haven't showered or anything ... uh ... I know I smell. Does it bother ...""Fuck!" I sighed, "I love the way you smell, Kev! You smell like a man! All man! I love it! I wanna smell nasty teen porn trailers every inch of you!""Then smell old man fucks teen me, brother! Do with me whatever you want! Fuck! teen punk porn You're turning me on, Kyle, more than any other free teen porn directory ...""Man?" I asked, swirling my tongue into the thick mat of hair in Kevin's armpit, savoring the musky, salty sweat that was embedded there."Yeah! ... and ... uh ...""Huh?" I asked."Don't stop, Kyle! Don't stop what you're doing! It feels so fuckin' good. It's just that you're ... you're ...""I'm what, Kev?" I responded, feeling that there was something that he wanted to tell me but was searching ebony teen sex for how to tell me."Uh ... oh shit! ... you make me feel just as good as Dad does!"I paused. Stopped dead in my tracks. Shocked yet intrigued. asian teen girl porn After all, Joey and I had been having sex with one another since we were eight or nine-years-old. Why should my brother's revelation about he and our Dad stun me.I rose up and straddled Kevin. Kevin turned his head away from my gaze and closed his eyes."You and Dad?" I gasped, in surprise."Don't hate me, Kyle!" Kevin whispered."Uh ... teen fucking porn pics No! No, Kev! I didn't mean it the way blue teen porn it came out. You and Dad?""Yes! Since I was twelve, Kyle.""Jeez! I mean ... Joey and I ...""Joey too, Kyle!""Huh?""Me, Dad and Joey! Oh God!"Kevin withdrew his arm from behind his head and draped it over his face as if to hide an element of shame. As though he had revealed something that should have been kept a secret from me.I was silent. I hung my head. I didn't know what to think or make of my brother's revelation. A part of me felt rejected, cast aside, especially by Joey whom I knew so well and never kept porn for teen girls a secret from.Slowly, Kevin lowered his arm from his face. He looked up at me and saw my eyes brimming over with beautiful nude teens tears."Kyle?"He reached out and gently caressed my arm."Nobody wanted me but Joey?" I asked, in a soft whisper."Oh no, Kyle!" Kevin said, reaching up and drawing me into his powerful embrace, stroking my head with his hand. "We always wanted you. It's just that ... uh ... you always seemed to be so unreachable. So independent. So sure of yourself. When we had sex together, I could see you, Kyle, in Joey.""I guess being a twin does have one advantage. You and Dad could fantasize about me through Joey!""Is that nude erotic teens why you want me now, Kev? Because Joey isn't here anymore and being with me is like being with Joey?""Oh no, Kyle! butler teen porn No! No! No! I've wanted to be with you for the longest time. To feel with you the closeness you and Joey have. I guess I was always jealous of how close you two were and perhaps that's why Bernie and I were teen porn free pics always close.""But you and Dad, Kev. How did that come about?""It's a long story, Kyle. Dad never forced young hair teen porn himself upon me or anything like that. free pic teen porn It started with mutual masturbation. Eventually Joey got involved. When Joey was tiny teen cuties porn about fourteen things got a little heavier between us."I drew myself up and sat on the edge of the bed. I bent over to pick up my gym shorts."I feel so rejected, Kev!" I sighed.Kevin sat up and leaned his head against my shoulder."I'm not rejecting you, Kyle. Please! Don't go. I want you, Kyle! I need you and believe me, you are not a substitute for Joey! I want to experience all the pleasure that Joey had with you. Perhaps Joey wanted to keep you all to himself all these years to deprive Dad and I of the pleasure you alone gave to Joey. free teen feet porn Can I know you now, Kyle? Is it so wrong of me to want you too?""Has Joey told you or Dad what we like to do?""No. He hasn't."I turned and gazed deeply into my brother's eyes."To know me, Kev, is to know me the way Joey knows teen xxx tgp me. Do you want all of me or just a part of me?""I told you, Kyle. I want to be close to you the way Joey is."I grinned, knowing that Kevin would be in for something beyond his wildest porn shemale teen imagination! My brother didn't strike me as the kind of guy with a deep, dark side to him. Then again. I didn't know Kevin the way Joey did. Perhaps Kevin would surprise me.Chapter Two"I need a beer!" Kevin said, scooting off of the bed."Bring me one too, Kev." I said.When Kevin returned with the beers I was laying on the bed, on my stomach, enticing him with my melon shaped, full buns. In my hand, pressed to my face was Kevin's sweaty, grundgy jockstrap."Fuck!" Kevin gasped, taking teens tight pussy pics a swig of his beer and then setting the bottles down teen gay porn on the nightstand.I turned porn teen titens my head to look at him. His cock was rising free gay porn teen as he reached down to take petite cherokee teen porn it into his hand and began stroking it while looking at me.I inhaled the pungent aroma of my brother's ripe jockstrap and moaned as I grinded my crotch onto the bed, my ass making swirling, gyrating motions.I spread my legs wide and lifted myself off of the mattress a bit, exposing to Kevin my hairy cleft and sucking teen boy porn pics into my mouth teen doctor porn the sweaty, smelly pouch of his jockstrap."Ah fuck!" Kevin sighed, stroking his cock and climbing upon the bed behind me.I slid up onto my hands and knees, his jockstap dangling from my mouth. Reaching behind me with my hands I spread my asscheeks wide, revealing to him, what I knew to be, my moist, rank, pungent rosebud, nestled within a forest of swirling, dark hair. I was taunting him. kinky teen sex porn Luring him. Enticing him towards my asshole.Kevin grasped the full mounds of my ass with his teen pissing porn hands. The blak teen porn strap fell from my mouth."Love me, brother, the way Joey loves me!" I whispered, seductively.Kevin brought his head forward and his lips grazed the flesh of the uppermost part of 14 teen porn vids my ass, where the cleft begins. He traced gentle kisses outwardly teens anal over my asscheeks."Kiss my ass, Kev! Kiss me where I want to be kissed. Where Joey loves to kiss me!"Tentatively. Slowly. Cautiously. Kevin began his descent into my hairy, sweaty, smelly ass trench."Oh fuck! Fuck!" Kevin moaned, snapping his head back."What? You don't like, Kev? Big hunky, macho, Marine brother of mine? Joey loves my ass! The same free teen sex porn way I love his!""It stinks, Kyle! It fuckin' stinks, man!""You can handle it, Marine!" I said, seductively. "Marine's can handle anything!"I was challenging my brother's machismo. Refering to teen facial porn him as "Marine" and testing his endurance. I knew from his former training in the Marine Corps that he would push himself to the peak of his limits and beyond before he admitted defeat."Semper Fi!" I whispered. The motto of the Marine Corps, waving my ass in the air before Kevin. "Are you always faithul, Kev?""Yes! Yes! I am!" Kevin shouted."Then be faithful teen amateur canadian porn to my ass, Kev! If you want to fuck me, big brother, you'll have to smell and eat my raunchy ass just the way Joey does. impregnated teen porn He never hesitates.""Ah fuck!" Kevin groaned, bringing his face once more to my smelly butt. "You mean my little brother enjoys smelling and eating dirty, stink ass?""Oh yeah, Kev! He does! We both do! And teen audrey porn much, much more!""Oh God! God!""Smell my ass, Kevin! Smell it!"I could feel Kevin's nose resting against my moist hole. He took one, then two cautious sniffs."Fuck! Your free teen porn ass stinks, Kyle!""Smell it, Marine!" I shouted. "Are you going to be outdone by your kid brother? Smell my fuckin' dirty, stink asshole! Smell it!""Ah shit!" Kevin sighed, as he pressed his nose smack against my pucker and breathed deep."You like?""I dunno ... Kyle!"I looked down between my legs and behind me."Your fuckin' cock likes it, Kev! It's fuckn' rock hard!" I yelled."Keep smellin' my fuckhole, Kev! Smell my dirty shithole!""Ah man! Fuck!" Kevin cried, burying his face into my ass and rubbing it up and down my ass trench. "Fuckin' smellin' dirty ass! Fuckin' sniffin' shithole, man!" Fuck! Fuck!"I gyrated my ass back onto my brother's face. Grinding. Churning."Yeah motherfucker! Want you to smell like my fuckin' ass. Fuckin' smell like shit, Kev!""Yes! Yes!" Kevin moaned, rubbing his face in my ass. "Fuckin' make me young dutch teen porn smell like turd, Kyle! Fuckin' grundgy, man!""God damn!" I hollered, grinding my ass on Kevin's face as I felt his tongue swirling and lapping over my puckered asslips. "Fuckin' taste my stink, Kev! Eat my motherfuckin' nasty ass! Yeah! Your fuckin' 'Semper Fi' alright!""Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Kevin grunted, slurping at my funky, dirty asshole. He wrapped his lips around my rosebud and sucked hard, driving his tongue into the recesses of my free porn movie teen shitter."Fuckin' nasty boy! Fuck yeah! Hunky Marine gettin' that shit taste in your mouth! Eat it, Kev! Eat my ass!""Oh Kyle!" Kevin gasped, coming up, as it were, for a breath of fresh air before andie pink teen nude diving back into the sewer pit of my foul smelling ass. "Gimme all ya got, Kyle! All your fuckin' raunch, man!""Yeah! Ya man enough for all of my stink, Marine? Huh? Can ya porn teen under 15 take it the way Joey does?" I shouted."Fuck yes! I'm a fuckin' jarhead! I'll take whatever you give me, little brother! Fuck! Fuck! Give me your stink! Your nude teens tgp filth! Gimme your shit!" Kevin hollered back, greedily and hungrily sucking and slurping at teen online video porn my asshole as his hand flew up and down his rigid, thick shaft.I leaned over the bed. I knew I had seen them earlier. My hand groped along the firm teen tits porn floor until I found what I wanted. I grabbed one of Kevin's sneakers and pulled it up on the bed. Gazing at it, my mind went crazed with lust. Here was another object that contained teen porn latin girls tiny teen nude my brother's scent.I pressed my face against the sneaker. My tongue darted from my mouth and lapped the outer leather of the shoe. I bathed the shoelaces with my saliva. I licked the dirty sole of Kevin's sneaker. Yanking the tongue of the shoe forward I buried my face into the sneaker, huffing the rancid, funky odor embedded within. Here greenpoint free teen porn was the scent, strong and ripe, of my brother's sweaty foot."Oh yeah!" I moaned, as I drew within my nostrils the skanky aroma. "Fuckin' rank!"I slid free teen asian porn Kevin's sneaker under my body towards my rock hard cock. I was delerious with wanton lust. My hunky brother was sucking away at my asshole and my mind was sinking deeper and deeper into the sewer pit.Finding my cock with Kevin's sneaker, I slid my dick into the warm, sweat soaked shoe. brunette lesbian porn teen I rubbed, humped my dick into Kevin's sneaker along the damp material within."Ah fuck! hardcore teen titan porn Fuck!" I groaned, as I fucked Kevin's grundgy sneaker, my ten inches of hard, throbbing cock filling his size nine shoe. green teen porn My balls slapped against the heel of the sneaker teen porn model smacking Kevin in the face as he slurped away at my asshole which oozed a frarant, ripe slime which he captured upon his tongue and drew into his mouth.My thoughts suddenly turned towards the ocean. Of waves crashing and licking the shoreline."Kev! Kev!" teen softcore porn I whimpered, as I released the contents of my full bladder, pissing into Kevin's sneaker, filling it to overflowing."Fuckin' nasty!" Kevin yelled, positioning himself under the sneaker to capture the overflow into is open, gapiing mouth."Piss! Piss, Kyle!"When my piss stream came to a trickle and stopped, I yanked myself up to my knees and swung myself around to face my brother. Holding up the piss filled sneaker between us I began to pour its contents into our mouths."Drink! Drink from the chalice of raunch!" I wailed, with lust.Kevin and I drank. Kissing each other we squirted my racid piss back and forth into each other's mouths. Together we savored the deliciousness of my golden juice and licked from off each other's bodies that which spilled from our mouths."Fuck me, Kyle! Fuck me!" Kevin moaned, in my pissy mouth. "I wanna feel your big teen porn for girls cock up my ass! Fuck the shit outta me!"I flung myself back on the bed. Grabbing my rigid dick I pointed it up into the air."Sit on my cock, Kev!" I hissed. "Impale yourself upon my fuckin' big cock!"Kevin straddled me. Spitting on his fingers he lubed his asshole. His eyes were glazed with lust. Wincing with the initial shock of penetration, Kevin slammed his ass downward taking every inch of me into his asshole."Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Kevin yelled, as he grinded his ass onto my dick."Aaaaaahhhhhh!" I sighed, as I thrust my hips upwards, penetrating my brother deeply.Reaching up with my hands, I grasped Kevin's hard nipples between my fingers and pinched them hard. Twisting them. Pulling them."Yes! Yes!" Kevin screamed, as he bounced up and down on my cock meeting every upward lunge of my hips."Fuck me, Kyle! teen 16 porn Fuck me!"Kevin's asshole was warm, wet, slimey and gooey with the sludge grandma and teen porn I loved. His ass was packed full of shit."Shit fuck me, Kyle! Yeah! Fuck my dirty Marine Corps butt! Ah man! Yeah! Yeah! Slam that big dick up my shitty hole! Fuck me! Dick me, little brother!"I could feel the pasty young teen softcore porn sludge on my cock as I fucked Kevin's amazingly tight hole. His asslips clamped around my dick and sucked it deep within him."Yeah! Pinch my fuckin' tits too, Kyle! Harder! teens and tits Harder, buddy!"As the aroma of asshole, of shit penetrated my nostrils, my mind sunk to the deepest levels of the latrine. I wanted my xxx porn teen free brother's shit. I wanted it in my mouth."I want you shit, Kev! Give it to me! Feed me!""Yeah! Ya wanna eat my shit, Kyle! Fuckin' nasty boy! Wanna eat my turd from my fucked hole?""Yes! Yes!" I groaned.In a flash, Kevin lurched upwards. My cock slipped out of his ass with a wet, slurping sound. My cock snapped back with a thud upon my stomach. Kevin swung himself around and before my eyes hovered his beautiful ass. His hole was gaping japanese teen girl porn open, his pucker flaring gay teen twink porn and tinged with tiny teens xxx brown.I inhaled deeply the stench of his flaring asslips."Wanna eat my stinkin' shit, Kyle? Yeah?""Yes!" I groaned, rubbing my nose against his dirty hole and smelling his pungent free porn teen odor.Kevin leaned forward. Grabbing my shitty cock within his hand he sucked it into his anal sex teen mouth. As he wrapped his lips around my stinking, filthy dick, he let out a loud groan. His asslips expelled a burst of wet, foul stench which splattered across my face. His hole opened wide as the tip of a brown log pushed it way out."Fuck!" I groaned, mesmerized at the sight of my hunky brother's asshole about to give birth to stinking turd.Kevin grunted and the wide, knotty brown free nude undreage teen log began to slide out of his ass and into my dutch teen porn gaping mouth. I wrapped my lips around Kevin's filthy gift and sucked it as if it were cock, feeling its warmth and the tangy flavor that filled my mouth."Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" I moaned, as more and more of Kevin's turd filled my sewer mouth."My shit tastes good, dosen't it, Kyle?"I nodded my head in approval, breaking off the turd. I began chewing and swallowing the chunky, knotty log as Kevin continued to shit on teen titans porn pictures my face smoother, creamier turds.The stench was intoxicating. As Kevin continued sucking on my cock, drawing within young teen cunt teen tiatan porn his mouth the flaor of his own asshole, he reached down between non porn teen girl his legs to push his hard teen porn audition cock into my shit filled mouth."Suck me dirty, Kyle! Suck me off!"Together, Kevin and I sucked and sucked on each other's dirty dicks. What shit my packed mouth couldn't contain, oozed out like a gaping asshole as my brother fucked my mouth with his thick cock."Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" We both groaned, our mouths stuffed with cock and shit, as our balls tightened, drew up and in an instant, in unison, our cocks exploded, filling each other's mouths with thick, creamy cum.We fucked each other's mouths more furiously in that moment of intense orgasm. Two brothers joined savoring the flavors of cock and asshole."Fuck! Fuck!" Kevin panted, as he rolled off teen pussy fuck of me and fell back onto the bed. I reached 15 teen porn out. Taking my brother's foot in my hand I pressed it to my face, sniffing and licking it.At that moment the phone rang. I handed the cordless phone to Kevin and continued to sniff and suck on his toes."Hello!" Kevin gasped. "Joey? ... Ah, gay teen kiss Joey! Kyle! Kyle! ... he's awesome!"******************************I welcome your comments. Write pregnant teen porn to me at Rim4youwebtv.net
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